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 Levii's guild app. Application

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PostSubject: Levii's guild app. Application   Mon Jul 25, 2011 5:09 pm

Name : Kwasi a.k.a. Kiwi, Sunday

IGN (In-game name): n/a but Levicticus if i dont get jacked

Job Class : Cleric

Level (Currently): n/a. waiting for OB tomorrow

Age :19

Country/State Your From : Georgia, Atlanta

Why are you interested in joining Rival? Looking for a structured guild and hoping to make some friends :) im a nice person who likes to joke alot but know when to be serious

Do you speak any other languages besides English? yes, a west African dialect called Twi, some Spanish, little japanese

Do you prefer PvE or PvP? both. more PVP, since playing against humans is always unpredictable

How active will you be? ( Don't lie! Give a good guess of how often you'll be playing. Trying to avoid inactive players taking up space. )honestly...ill probably be as acitve as i can till October, before i transfer schools and if i can ill try to play alot on my laptop. till then ill be as active as as squirrels on caffeine :D ill try to do 5-7 hrs a day..depending

Do you have a functional mic to speak into during gameplay with other guild members? Yes i do..i just need to know what you guys use, vent, TS3, or skype(never used skype but im willing)

What's your favorite movie? Tron Legacy
Favorite icecream flavor? chocolate
Evolution or Adam/Eve? both..its a long winded explanation
Nature or Nurture? idk nurture
Favorite type of cheese? American Singles..FUK YEAH
Favorite Insult? ( Personal favorite question ) i dont have one lol

Thanks for considering me...see you in-game :D
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Levii's guild app. Application
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