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 Janeys Application

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Janeys Application Empty
PostSubject: Janeys Application   Janeys Application EmptySat Aug 27, 2011 11:50 pm

Application Form:

1. What would you like to be called? Janey

2. Gender? Female

3. Where do you live? Cali, but it won't be a disadvantage despite being in an East server since I'm on at odd hours @_@

4. Do you speak decent English? Yes

5. How old are you? 19

6. What is your main character name? Janeys

7. Name of your alternate character/s?
(all mules)

8. Class do you play?
Mystic ~> Majestic (probably)

9. How long have you been playing DN?
Being new to this game, I started during the time of open Beta, though this doesn't mean I'm new to mmorpgs.

10. What level are you? 24

11. Why would you like to join ? I migrated into Dragon Nest with a few couple of friends & sadly, that's the only crowd I've been with since we started the game. I like to put myself out there, make new friends, and learn more from people & I think joining this guild be a big step towards that goal. I also like the fact that this guild is is for older people meaning more maturity & people my age :D

12. Why should we recruit you? I'm ambitious and aim high. I'm also pretty social and easy going. Also, I'll serenade to you guys on skype/vent ;)

13. What do you expect from this guild? A knit tight community where hopefully I can feel like I belong. I also expect to broaden my knowledge in DN from this guild.

14. What guilds have you previously been in? Reasons why you leave? LOLwut, a guild I made for my friends and I to chat because the no buddy chat thing really is off putting. Leaving because MSN, skype, and vent works just as well for us anyways & I want to get ahead in this game.

15. Any other info we should be aware of? I’m a Game Master in another game called Gunbound Classic though it doesn't consume all my time. Most of what I do is hold events and moderate their forums.
-Also I lag a lot right now but I'll be getting that fixed soon x.x ..

16. Please Link a Screenshot about your Character Panel. (So we can see your gears)
I'll post later if asked. I don’t have stable internet until the Monday x.x

17. Email you used to register on Rival forums (if you have already done so) : janeys@azngirl.net

18. Forum name on Dragonnest.com/DN Source (if you use it):

19. Do you have a functional mic to speak into during gameplay with other guild members? Yupp

20. How did you hear about ? forums

Fun Questions:

What's your favorite movie? Too many to count but 500 Days of Summer is up there :D
Favorite icecream flavor? Anything with a lot of chocolate or coffee
Evolution or Adam/Eve? Neither. A turtle vomited the world into being
Nature or Nurture? Both ? :o
Favorite type of cheese? ( Choose wisely ) Cheddar. I like em small and tiny
Favorite Insult? “_l_”
Most "fuck yeah" moment of all time? When my parents are wrong
Top or bottom? sidewayz

Ass to mouth? Only if a billion dollars was on the line.
In or out? Def out
S&M? ;)
Handcuffs or ball-gag or both? (ball made not made of latex don't worry about your allergies.) Being tied up > gagged and drooling
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Janeys Application Empty
PostSubject: Re: Janeys Application   Janeys Application EmptyMon Aug 29, 2011 1:22 pm

Lol Nice Application :D, and yay another mystic. Smexy**
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Janeys Application
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