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 Application of awesomeness

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Application of awesomeness Empty
PostSubject: Application of awesomeness   Application of awesomeness EmptyFri Oct 21, 2011 6:12 pm

New Guild Application Format

Post by Lyddie on Mon 15 Aug 2011 - 21:59

To make the registration process faster, Please Make your Forum name your IGN :3
Application Form:

1. What would you like to be called? Fudge

2. Gender? Male

3. What State are you from ? Ga

4. What is your First and Secondary Language? first is english, second is spanish

5. How old are you? 16 going on 17

6. What is your main character name? Fudgebob

7. Name of your alternate character/s? Venusoar

8. Class do you play? Warr

9. How long have you been playing DN? a few weeks

10. What level are you? 26 atm

11. Why would you like to join ? because my old guildies are in it.

12. Why should we recruit you? cuz i am boss.

13. What do you expect from this guild? help with dungeons and fun friends.

14. What guilds have you previously been in? Reasons why you left? IlaughUcry, because we wanted to restart but now we are joining you.

15. Any other information we should be aware of ? im awesome.

16. Forum name on Dragonnest.com/DN Source/My Dragon Nest (if you use it): Fudge

17. Do you have a functional headset to speak into during gameplay with other guild members? yes.

18. How did you hear about ? My friends.

19. Read the Rules:
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Application of awesomeness
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