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 decimates's Application

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PostSubject: decimates's Application   decimates's Application EmptySun Aug 28, 2011 5:15 pm

1. What would you like to be called? Sadi

2. Gender? Male.

3. What State are you from ? New York.

4. What is your First and Secondary Language? English and Sarcasm.

5. How old are you? 20.

6. What is your main character name? decimates.

7. Name of your alternate character/s? None at the moment.

8. Class do you play? Swordsman.

9. How long have you been playing DN? Uhm, 5 (or 6) days? (no, seriously).

10. What level are you? 22 at the time of posting.

11. Why would you like to join? Cause I'm attracted to ultra large boobies. Wait no, cause it's lonesome without anyone to chit chat with :c

12. Why should we recruit you? Because I'm full of awesomesauce and I make the best milk chocolate cookies ever. Also because I'm helpful, I have a decent sense of humor and I'd like to learn a thing or two in regards to PvP.

13. What do you expect from this guild? I expect my boredom to be eradicated.

14. What guilds have you previously been in? Reasons why you left? I was in Crave but I left due to it being a ghost town.

15. Any other information we should be aware of ? Uhm, I'm a college student (junior year), I like science fiction books and I survived Hurricane Irene!

16. Email you used to register on Rival forums (if you have already done so) : lord.clockwork@gmail.com (Don't laugh).

17. Forum name on Dragonnest.com/DN Source/My Dragon Nest (if you use it): BTK on Source.

18. Do you have a functional headset to speak into during gameplay with other guild members? Yessir.

19. How did you hear about ? The officials of course.

Fun Questions:
( Completely Optional, Just for Fun and laughs. )

What's your favorite movie? Nothing really comes to mind as a favorite. I'll go with The Book of Eli?
Favorite icecream flavor? Cookies n cream, fo sho.
Evolution or Adam/Eve? Evolution.
Nature or Nurture? Err, both?
Favorite type of cheese? ( Choose wisely ) Mozzarella.
Favorite Insult? NOU.
Most "fuck yeah" moment of all time? Err, prom night?
Top or bottom? Top.
Ass to mouth? Nevar.
In or out? I think the name of the restaurant is In N Out.
S&M? Err, should I turn and run?
Handcuffs or ball-gag or both? (ball made not made of latex don't worry about your allergies.) Yes, I'll run.
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decimates's Application Empty
PostSubject: Re: decimates's Application   decimates's Application EmptyMon Aug 29, 2011 1:23 pm

Hello Sadi :D
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decimates's Application
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